To what extent does leadership research support the idea that there is one best way to lead people in organisations

This paper touches upon these key areas to establish where leadership reigns supreme, be it a democratic form of leadership or autocratic one, and how that ‘one best way’ to lead the employees within organizations is made proper.Both democratic and autocratic forms of leadership can give rise to motivation which is the basis of knowing that employees will time and again fall down and then get up to make sure that they are positively driven to achieve the organizational objectives through research, analysis and evidence. This is bound to happen because there are times when frustration runs high and people need support from a number of directions. However, on the same token, what is most important is the self-motivation construct that wins many favors for the employees who are looking to solve a problem (Axley, 1996). Motivation is therefore dependent on the people for whom it is coming into play. An employee who is not motivated enough will perform worse off than a person who is motivated to go out there and do something on his own (Fulton, 1998). Under leadership, the seniors also enforce their say through different programs and teamwork exercises. When employees feel that they are being properly led by, job satisfaction is bound to happen. When job satisfaction is ensured, leadership comes about in full circle and hence the leaders are able to lead people easily. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, the task of the leader becomes easier. The leadership knows where to instill confidence and in what quantity this has to be done to derive sound results. Also what needs to be understood is the fact that more productivity will be achieved once leaders are able to do their jobs well (Butkus, 1999). Leaders are inclined to exercise restraint over employees who are motivated enough to perform their respective tasks, thus coming directly under the authoritative leadership realms. What this implies is the fact that since they