Nanotechnology Applications

Nano Technology Application The ever faster progress in technological domain has given rise to the ever further faster shrinking of the size of electronic devices and equipment. Nano technology is one similar concept that speaks of the level of progress reached in terms of technological advancements. It is also termed as the science that interlaces the molecular level study and investigation towards further research.
The Nano technological concepts have given rise to investigation and dissection to the level of micro level and sub atomic particles division and studying. A technology that was little known in the 1990s and originally and for the first time came on the surface in 1986 was little expected to bring about development in the manner it has done so already (Bhushan 2012 p. 138). It is safely being called the technology of future.
Subject to the detailed level investigation of elements, the Nano technology finds its applications in the different disciplines such as electronic industry, biological experimentations and nuclear physics and sub atomic particles exploration. The use of Nano technology is so dynamically broad that it even finds its application in the iron rods and the clubs that are used in the game of Golf. Owing to their light weight and other qualities, it is being used by the professional Golf playing sporting players from across the world.
In the industries Nano technology finds their application with regard to improving the processes. On relatively visible scale, the plants purification functions are now held under the Nano technology concepts and mechanism. Desalination of water is also one aspect that has seen the attention of Nano technology with regard to the modern usages and implementations.
In the field of medicine and healthcare sciences, Nano technology is believed to bring about progress with regard to the cancer patients treatment. Subject to its higher capacity of tracing any damaged cells, it will allow for easier identification and rapid elimination of the cells that cause trouble. Similarly the tumors so formed in the different parts of body are easy to diagnose and remove through the detailed penetration of Nano technology supported devices and technological concepts (GutiƩrrez 2014 p. 93). Viruses identification and Viruses control in a timely manner is also a possible element and advantage that is made easy by Nano technology.
With regard to future and the safer existence of society and environment, the Nano technology concepts give an idea of healthier environment. This is offered in the form of possible creation of ozone layer through the airborne mechanism and techniques which will help protecting the already endangered environment.
Owing to the benefits Nano technology offers, NASA has decided to make use of the given technology with subject to future experiments and satellite systems.
With regard to the agriculture sector, Nano technology will provide support in the form of providing speedy and effective defense against the pests. Faster growth of the plants, increasing the protein concentration and also adding other nutrients necessary will be easily found and will be made use of through the Nano technology.
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