How to File a Harvard Medical School Application

The following are instructions for filing a Harvard Medical School application.  Number one – please make sure that you are applying to the right Harvard Medical School program, as there are numerous programs and schools.  If you already posses an undergraduate degree and are looking to further your education as a licensed medical doctor, below please find the guidelines to get into Harvard Medical School proper.  If you have not completed all required course work as listed in an earlier article, Harvard Medical School, but do hold a bachelors degree, then you may want to consider enrolling in Harvard University Extension School. All applicants must first satisfactorily pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) before submitting the Harvard Medical School Application.

How to File a Harvard Medical School Application

If you do not hold a bachelor degree, but want to begin your studies in at Harvard, you must apply to Harvard College.  Another recommended school in the Boston area for medicine is Simmons Undergraduate College.  You may begin here and apply for transfer to Harvard College, but be sure to get confirmation from your guidance counselor or an admissions representative of Harvard College to make sure your courses are transferable. As an alternative, future nurses may also earn a degree at Harvard.  In such case, you should direct your attention to applying to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Harvard Medical School participates in the AMCAS® program, which will submit your application to more than one school using one form. However, if you are applying to Harvard School of Public Health, you must apply through SOPHAS – not AMCAS®.  You must apply directly to Harvard College by downloading an application; they do not accept electronic applications. However, transfer applications are accepted through either the Common Application or the Universal College Application.  Please keep in mind that these are independent services and are not an arm of Harvard or our website.  Therefore, any questions you have with the application, such as website issues, should be directed distinctly to the appropriate service directly, not Harvard.

You may download the application for the Harvard School of Public Health here:

  • Harvard School of Public Health

While Harvard College for freshmen (not transfer students) is no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2011 semester, the new forms for the Fall 2012 semester will be available in August.  However, to get you started, you may begin using the supplement documentation forms, which are not made part of the Common Application. This should greatly aid you in your beginning task of gathering standard required admission documentation.

  • Secondary School Report
  • Harvard Supplement
  • Teacher Report
  • Mid-Year School Report

To better your chances of acceptance into Harvard, please complete the Harvard Medical School Application in its entirety.  Please take note that we cannot help you with any questions regards procedures, admissions or policies of the any medical schools, medical school programs, or services.  Such questions must be directed to the particular institutions or service in question. Also, please be certain to check for application form updates before submitting your application to either the schools or services.  We cannot be held responsible for outdated or inaccurate information – that is your responsibility.