Finding the Best Nursing Programs

Now that you’ve made the decision to change careers, why not look for the best nursing programs in your area or online? The healthcare industry is in desperate need of qualified and dedicated professional like you.  Sure there is the economy to consider, but it is widely known that nurses are always needed, whether it is in a hospital, clinic, home, or at school.  Unfortunately, since so many people have lost their jobs, they have also lost their health insurance.  The consequence to this is that many people put off going to the doctor until they face a major health problem.  In this scenario, hospitals and emergency rooms are getting more and more crowed.  Well, that’s where you fit in.  Your expertise is needed more than ever.

In this particular economic situation, the lack of nurses and other healthcare professionals is essentially feeding the job market as well as nursing schools.  Thousands women and men are entering a new occupation in the nursing field.  To become an expert, it’s wise to find the best nursing program that fits your career goals.  In addition to hands one nursing jobs, there are also plenty of jobs behind the scenes in administration.

Finding the Best Nursing Programs


A nurse’s responsibilities include assisting physicians, controlling medical treatment – such as dispensing medication, physical therapy, and psychotherapy. As you have probably learned, all levels of nurses need to be licensed and in order to become licensed, courses have to be taken.  Some of the best nursing programs are completed online – if time is an issue. Students can get professional instruction in the comfort of their own home, rather than attend school on campus. Of course it depends upon what type of license you are considering. Accredited nursing programs can be taken at community colleges, vocational schools, as well as university.

What do you like?

Make sure to determine what is most important to you before you select your program or track of study. Decide what sort of work you prefer and what duties you like or dislike.  For instance, a physical therapist usually does not have to worry about administering medication, drawing blood, cleaning up messes, etc.  A certified nursing assistant, on the other hand, must do all that and more!  So, when selecting a track, make sure it satisfies these issues. You may want to consult with a guidance counselor or working nursing to see what area you want to specialize.  These essential personnel will help you decide what requirements you can fulfill and those you cannot.

Financial Aid Counseling

Most importantly, in order to narrow down the best nursing programs for you, please consult with a financial aid counselor at the schools you are considering.  It is wise to review several financial aid packages before determining which the best nursing program is for you.  I happen to be watching a television special the other night, which reported that a lot of the for profit schools, such as DeVry and the University of Phoenix overcharge their students.  The narrator reported that these for profit schools are driven by sales – not by a student’s needs.  That is something to keep in mind when applying to school. It’s not that private and public schools don’t need to worry about their budget – they do, but it is not their focus.  Depending upon the skill level you are aiming for should also determine what type of school you will apply.