Earn Your RN Degree Online

Now’s the time to earn your RN degree online, but before spending the time and effort in applying to nursing school, make a quick self-assessment by asking yourself the following questions. Do I have the temperament and desire to work long shifts and do the dirty work in hospitals, nursing homes, or doctors’ offices? Do I have a desire to make a difference in people’s quality of life? Does beginning a new career in health care sound like a good idea for me at this stage of my life? If you can answer, “yes,” to any of these questions, then applying to nursing school is a good idea.

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Earn Your RN Degree Online

Once you have made the decision to go into nursing, you will need to decide what kind of specialty you want to pursue, as well as the type of degree program that best suits your lifestyle. Do you want to go the traditional bachelor’s degree route at an accredited school with an accredited nursing program? Alternatively, would you rather attend a vocational nursing school, or even earn your RN Degree online? The decision you make will have a factor in what you will need for the initial application. Most schools will ask for at least three recommendations or references from either prior professors or employers. However, your performance on the job, extracurricular activities, or even your grades will not assure that you will be accepted into the school of your choice. A program selection committee will also review and probably contact your references, order a background check, consider your application essay, and schedule an interview.

Applying to a nursing school of higher education is a practical idea if you want to continue your education throughout your career. Many times your employer will offer tuition reimbursement for you to broaden your skill base and increase your value to the organization. Many nurses holding bachelor’s degrees go onto earn a graduate degree. It is no longer uncommon for a nurse to eventually earn a PhD in their area of specialization and believe it or not, several of the finest universities offer PhD nursing online programs.

In addition to learning chemistry and anatomy, nursing school students are required to both understand and promote health and wellness to their patients.

They offer advice to their patients on topics such as immunizations, health screening, and the prevention and spread of disease. Nursing students are also taught to be aware of how the environment and socio-economic levels contribute to disease factors. Understanding the psychology of poverty, along with how cultural behavior and values affect the patient’s point of view of disease is a necessity to delivering quality health care.

The need and demand for a well-trained nursing workforce certainly justifies the decision to earn an RN degree online, or if you have the ambition, there are also wonderful PhD Nursing online programs offered at some of the finest universities in the country. As the number of complex health issues being handled outside of the traditional hospital setting continues to increase, health care facilities are finding themselves short staffed. Simply put – the demand for licensed nurses in the workplace far out numbers the actual number of available personnel. Therefore, consider applying to nursing school now! Statistic show that within four years – about the time you will be graduating, that you will most likely find that more than one employer will be bidding for your services, and you may even end up with a signing bonus. You should expect your first year’s base starting salary to be over $40,000, and within five years, your salary should be in the