Is There a Connection between Human Freedom and Modern Physics

As pointed out by Wilhelm, ego plays a very important role in establishing a distinction between reality and what is perceived by an individual as reality (Wilhelm 323). Reality comprises certain facts as they exist in the universe or the environment surrounding an individual, however, the manner in which the individual perceives such “facts” will be colored by the automatic interpretation that takes place in the individual’s mind through the thought process. This is where the ego plays a significant role because the extent to which existing facts are colored in an individual’s mind will be determined by the extent of ego. Hence the fact as it exists in an individual’s mind is not the actual truth but an illusionary “fact” distorted by the ego – in other words, a fact overtaken by Maya and therefore closer to illusion than actual reality. The desires of the ego for a secure reality superimpose themselves on actual facts in order to maintain an illusory reality which may not, in fact, be true and therefore results in an individual living in a prison of his own illusory reality.
This is not unlike concepts in modern physics that describe the manner in which optical illusions can produce a deceptive reality, often resulting in a “virtual” reality that is not strictly true but bears the appearance of truth (Wilson, 2006). In reality, however, it is merely an illusory state that is produced in an individual’s mind. For example, individuals can now interact with each other from miles across the globe but connected in an illusory electronic visual environment where they appear to be together through the use of optical illusions (Engineer, 2006). In medical rehabilitation, virtual reality mock-ups of exercise have been used with stroke patients, and this is achieved by employing hardware and software in such a&nbsp.manner that an optical illusion makes the patients feel that real balls are being tossed at them. (Houtsma et al, 2006).