Car Difting

Car Drifting English 100 ESL Exit Exam Car Drifting Have you ever had an extreme liking for something that is seen as dangerous by other people? That is the case for me in relation to car drifting. Most people, especially my parents see it as life threatening, but I enjoy the thrill from high speed car drifting. Car drifting is basically trying as best as possible to maintain a car in a state of over steer when making a corner. This is done without a major reduction in the speed. Racing movies, like the latest installation of “Fast and Furious” demonstrate this activity very well. My liking does not come from the thrill that is demonstrated by drivers in movies but it is rather inborn. I am fascinated by high speed endeavors. high speed car drifting is one of them, though not very many people like or approve it. Car drifting improves my abilities to concentrate and control.
I like car drifting because of a host of reasons. Since I was born, I have always liked to express myself in motorsports. I have watched racing movies and racing competitions for so long. I wished time would come when I get to position myself at the steering wheel and maneuver through corners at speeds not many people would dare. When I finally got a car that could enable me to drift with the least negative consequences, I made car drifting a routine activity. My liking is so great that I am willing to overlook the costs of burned tires and damaged car parts. Though it is an extremely dangerous and costly affair, I am always thrilled to step in the car and drift my way around corners or other bent parts of the road. I also like drifting because of it, I have leant many drifting techniques and the physics of racing. The feeling I get when adrenaline is rushing through my blood is great.
I’ve always wanted to be in control. I like control that comes from concentrating on a particular activity. Once I realized that car drifting improves my levels of concentration and helps me gain a lot of control in driving, I have never been detached from it. This, among other aforementioned reasons is why I like car drifting even if it is dangerous and non-appealing to the majority of the population. It is clear to me that I not only get thrilled by car drifting, but also learn to control and concentrate. Quite frankly, my judgment derived from car drifting enables me to control other vehicles despite the terrain. I can have my way with many cars as a result of my liking for car drifting.
Evidently, my liking for car drifting surpasses the consideration for negative effects of car drifting. This is majorly the reason why I continue to perform car drifting. It equates to an addiction for me that I am not willing to give up. I will always be on the lookout for the adrenaline rush, the control factor and the learning that car drifting gives me.
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