Sociology reserch project paper

For this particular research, the focus of ethnographic study shall be better insisted on the people living in Rocks Australia (Erickson, et al, 2000). The researcher intends to find out how the location and history of Rocks Australia affect the way of living of the people residing in it and the perception of the people who are simply visiting the place.
Through the application of a collaborative research approach, the researcher of this ethnographic presentation intended to see the different features of Rock, Australia itself and that of the people residing in it. Through the collaborative research approach, the researcher and his colleges were able to establish a particular standing in the process by which they attain to create a more significant distinction towards the originality of the culture and the traditions that the society living in Australia is practically living in (Fine, 2001). The basic features of this methodology is that of the process by which the researchers themselves would have a first-hand observation of the ideal matters that creates and further recreates the lives of the people within their communities (Miller,2002). The researchers have practically seen the effectiveness of this methodology as they consider the need to make a practical observation on the society, its location, its build-up and other elements that makes it up so as to be able to particularly identify the instantaneous consideration that is needed in identifying the people of the area and how they are living or even possibly how their ancestors have lived before in connection with the present living situation of the people.
Besides plain research and observation, tying the garnered outcomes from the said procedures are tied up with the necessary choices of theories that could be used to identify the reasons behind the issues of changes that happened to the society in focus that has been evident through the years. Among the theories to be examined to come up with a usable source of ethnographic information about Rocks, Australia is that of the theory of sense of place by Basso. another theory is that of the emotional geography (Kottak, 2005). These elemental theories that further explain the reasons behind social advancement and ethnological development of a particular group of people within a certain area of consideration are seen by the researcher to have a great impact on how the systems of progress present in Rocks Australia could be better understood and clarified (Miller, 2002). The clarification of such identifiable developments in the society residing within the territories of Rocks Australia is eyed by the researcher as an institutionalized basis of understanding the why’s and the how’s behind the immense progress not only of the place in Rocks but also that of the people residing within it. (Spradley 2003)
The researchers were able to observe that many people residing, as well as of those simply visiting the area, consider Rocks, Sydney as a particular place of rich history and integrative past that could stand as the mark of its identifiable uniqueness in all Sydney. Basically sided with the French and European culture, Rocks, Australia has particular characteristics that are basically the same as