Physics of Swimming

1250 It was such a scary scene and the school administration had to call and inform my mother. To everyone’s surprise, my mother nonchalantly said, “It is no big deal, just hold the pressure.” Ironically, this incident spurred me to greater success in swimming. In this regard, I broke the existing backstroke swimming record that had been in existence for 16 years. Whenever I am engaged in the backstroke swimming, my mind ponders on the best ways I would use the elements of physics to improve on the sport. I am quite fascinated by physics factors that come to play when swimming. In this regard, when a person is in water, the body is similar to a seesaw. Therefore, one must find the perfect technique of balancing the body against the forces of buoyancy and gravity. Incidentally, understanding the suitable principles of marine engineering, physics and biomechanics is a pertinent feature for correct swimming and also coaching. In this regard, it is my desire to utilize the knowledge gained in engineering physics to better my future exploits as a professional swimmer.